Bungalow built by Allen & ChartersIf you’re looking for a high-quality residential and commercial builder that can do it all, Allen and Charters is right for you!

Serving the Olympic Peninsula and beyond since 1995, Allen and Charters combines a commitment to excellence, comprehensive skills in all phases of construction, and a dedication to teamwork that delivers service beyond expectations. Satisfied clients include homeowners, other general contractors and builders, architects, rental property owners, and small business owners.

Allen and Charters’ construction projects range from of high-end dream homes to bungalows. We offer specialized expertise for highly engineered waterfront homes and for residential upgrades that incorporate smart systems and design efficiency. We provide complete construction services for new homes and vacation cabins. We also offer support for home improvement projects and smaller remodeling and repair projects. Big or small – each project is well managed and coordinated. Our goal is to deliver a well-built product with quality materials, and masterful craftsmanship.

Allen and Charters also serves as a subcontractor to other builders and architects. We provide specialty skills, especially in carpentry and finish work.